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In Maths, Class 2 have been exploring Fractions (halves, quarters and thirds). Fractions are equal parts of a whole.


During our learning, the children will learn how to recognise fractions such as 1/4 within shapes, sets of objects and quantities and identify equivalences (e.g. 2/4 is equivalent to 1/2). They will write simple fractions and be encouraged to use mathematical vocabularly such as numerator, denominator, equivalence (same value). 


A pizza helps us visualise fractions easily!



You can help your child at home by sharing objects from home equally to find fractions of amounts. For example, can you find half of 12 grapes? 


A fraction can be written like this:

The numerator represents the part.

The denominator represents the whole.


Listen to this fun Fractions song: 


The children had great fun designing and making their own homemade pizzas to explore Fractions. The delicious smell drifted down the hall and tempted some hungry teachers nearby!


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