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This term, we will be turning our attention to measurement and specifically converting between different units: pounds to pence, kilometers to meters, kilograms to grams.  It is where we will consolidate our learning of decimals, as we see where they appear in every day life.  We will then move on to learning about how to calculate the perimeter and area of different shapes.

A Spot of Time and Decimals!

At the beginning of this term, we started off by turning our attention to time.   We  practised converting between 12 and 24 hour clocks, working out durations and tried a our hands at a particularly difficult Mind Workout.  We have now moved on to the topic of decimals!  We have discovered that these strange looking numbers are in fact linked to our previous unit and learning about fractions.   In order to grasp and get a greater understanding of this new mathematical concept, we used a lot of concrete objects and place value charts to support our learning.

Multiplication and Division

At the beginning of the term, we moved onto the new unit of Multiplication and Division in Maths.  We began by focusing on the learning (or some cases revision) of our six, seven, nine, eleven and twelve times tables.  We have used an array of different strategies in order to encourage fluency, everything from the use of a counting stick to counters.  We have now moved on to division.  We have discovered that this in actual fact is just the inverse of multiplication so are using this knowledge to help.  We have just finished trying our hands at solving word problems involving these operations and become quite the little experts in drawing bar models.  Next term we will move on to carrying out Further Multiplication and Division with slightly larger numbers.  Wish us luck!

Place Value

This term we have begun by revising and expanding on our knowledge of 'Place Value'.  We have used a variety of different methods - using concrete objects and pictorials - to help consolidate our learning.  We have also focused on the new concept of rounding numbers.

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