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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.




This term, we have been focusing on measurement in Maths, covering length, mass and volume.  Not only have learnt how to convert between different units but we have also practised the reading of different scales, carrying out comparisons, ordering and word problems too.

Multiplication and Division

Later in the term, we moved on to tackling our next two operations: multiplication and division.  Of course we understand the importance of learning our times tables but we also challenged ourselves to use as many different methods as possible to reach our answers.  This allowed us to demonstrate our true understanding of the processes we were using.  We then moved onto solving word problems and working with some of the more formal methods.

Place Value and Addition & Subtraction

This term, we will first begin by looking to try and understand the value of three-digit numbers before we move on and embark on the rest of our learning this year.  We will then move on to learning how to add and subtract from these, using an array of different methods, including, number lines, number bonds, concrete objects and more formal methods.  Finally, we will try our hands at tackling word problems, concentrating on the language used so we are able to work out which operation to use and work on fine-tuning our bar method skills.

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