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                                       Term 3

We have really enjoyed getting to know the properties of 3D shapes and making repeating patterns this term. Enjoy looking through our gallery below. What do you know about each of the shapes your see?

How many vertices? 

How many edges?

How many faces? 

Term 1 

Numbers to 100


We have been exploring the various aspects of numbers up to 100 numbers over the past few weeks. We have been securing our understanding of place value by reading, then making and finally writing numbers up to 100.  

Comparing Numbers 

We have been comparing numbers up to 100, looking closely at the tens and ones in each number. We have been using the vocabulary 'Greater than' and 'less than' and 'equal to' when making our comparisons. We have also learnt how to use each symbol correctly. 

Multiplication and Division


This chapter investigates the multiplication of 2, 5 and 10. The children will also have the opportunity to understand what multiplication means and what it looks like. 

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