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Internet Safety Day 2021

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day
Classes have been taking part in some extra computing lessons about staying safe online over the week. Sevenoaks Council adapted some materials about ways to recognise what may be truthful and what may be misleading – a problem facing us all in these times due to the capability of technology. If you would like to download the Education Pack and PowerPoint presentation, you can click on this link.


Some examples of the work carried out this week can be seen below:

Children had the opportunity to play ‘Internet Safety BlockBusters’. You can have a go at the quiz and program at home with your family too if you like. Click on the links at the bottom of the page:



We also looked at certain websites to decide whether they were truthful or misleading. Here are a couple of examples published by Google. What do you think?


There are lots of great resources to help parents develop their understanding of both the benefits and risks of the internet too. For example, this page has lots of fact sheets that are regularly kept up to date with the types of applications children use and how to maximise safety. 


The internet can be a wonderful, powerful tool; and so, like all such tools, the outcome depends on how they are used and the precautions taken.


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