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Homework Set

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Thank you for supporting your child so well with their homework. It has been great to see the quality of the work they have been doing and we have had the opportunity to share some of the lovely learning in class, as well as eat some tasty space cake models!

Below is the homework grid for this term.


Y5 Topic Homework Grid - Term 5

Christmas Period Homework

Key for the homework:

1, 2, 3, 4) Remember to give the Cards/Presents you made to your family and friends.

5) Spatial awareness/maths - Can you discover how to move colours

from one place to another and position them where you want? Try to keep track of what each twist and turn does.


6) Spatial awareness/maths - Can you take apart and reform the puzzle?

(It is also a rubber.) Can you make it again but inside out?


7) Speaking/ Listening & English -
Using your notes about the card game 'teasing', write a set of instructions

that can be used to explain the game to others. Play the game to find out how well you communicated the rules. Use your maths to keep score. Remember that a rolling total needs to be maintained as each game finishes.  


8) Writing/PSHE - Write thank you notes to family and friends who have been

kind enough to give you presents.


9) DT/Art - Use the glitter glue to help you to make something creative for

someone in your family or a friend.


10) DT - Design a board game to make and play with friends. It could be something simple like a themed snakes and ladders, to something that has complex rules and lots of strategy involved.


11) Have a go at the number sayings quiz with your family. Remember, each one is a famous saying, phrase or well known fact. Each letter is the initial of a word.


12) Don't forget the regular homework: Progress Test 1/Section 2 Test1
and the spelling rules sheet. (They are also saved on the website in the homework section as is the remainder of the Odysseus story that you may have missed.)

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