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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Homework: 19/12/18

Christmas Homework Activities: 
I think Christmas should be a family time as much as possible and so the homework tasks are things which hopefully can make space for this. If you do not have time to complete all of these - please don't worry. The children will not get into trouble. Christmas is about so much more.
Have a lovely Christmas together. 

The children have taken home a little number quiz that all the family can get involved with if they like. There is a copy to download at the bottom if you child's one has gone missing. (The file is called 'Number sayings puzzle'.) It is partly to highlight other places in the real world that we may come across number (rather than just maths lessons). Some are sayings, others to to with sport, some are films, songs, rhymes and books etc.
For example, '5GR' would stand for one of the lines in a famous Christmas Song - but not the version the staff sang at the church service! Good luck!


Maths / Speaking and Listening
I have taught the children a variation of a Dutch card game called Pesten. It is a simple game and local rules vary a little. Even though it is simple, to do well you need to consider strategy; remember what has been played; and there is arithmetic involved too. The strategies employed also need to change as the game continues. I asked the children to make notes and then explain it to family members in order to play. So that aspect helps children with their speaking and listening ability as well as note making. Of course, you can then play other card games that help children with number bonds and arithmetic. (I gave the children a little pack of cards to play Pesten but if you involve lots of family members you may need to combine 2 or 3 packs for it to work best.) 


I would hope over Christmas that the children would read one book that was shared with a family member if possible, rather than read alone. Adults could share the reading with the child or just listen. It is just to try to encourage the sharing of literature and ideas about it - almost like a mini book-club. An alternative would be to get two copies (or more) of a book (perhaps from the library) and then arrange times over the holiday where the child is able to discuss with the other person what has happened so far and why - like a book club.

Please could the children watch a film with the family and then write a review. It would be great to get opinions from family members about the film to add into the review. We have been writing book reviews and play reviews in school so this is a natural extension. Again, the discussion before writing is a really valuable part. We have in the past uploaded some book reviews to Amazon and looked at the 'helpfulness' ratings they got. We could do that with the films too. If you would like to see some you can follow this link. (Ours have been uploaded under the name 'Chevening Reviews'.)
Please do vote on the reviews there if you like them!


Art /DT
This one is completely open! I gave the children some small gifts to encourage them to make something for someone. This is a completely open brief. It can be anything as long as they made it as a present rather than buying it. (We discussed how much more it means to receive something that someone has put time, attention, care and creativity into.) It would be great if they could take a picture of it before giving it away.


Thank you to those who have been able  to email work to me. When it is in 'office' type programs it has been easiest to look at together in school as well as print out. Work on paper is also appreciated but it is go to get into the hang of using computers too, as this will be an expectation in secondary school.  They have their addresses and passwords stuck in their yellow reading/contact books.  


Thank you all.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

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