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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.


Y5 Maths Homework – Autumn Term 1

Dear Parents,

Thank you for supporting your children in completing the independent maths test last week. The results will help us to identify which book is likely to be most suitable for each child. This is particularly useful as so much time was spent in lockdown; and over summer some children may have continued with the maths books while others would have stopped. Everyone had different situations and commitments so progress is hard to determine for each child. As a result we will be asking some children to consolidate their understanding and they may be continuing with the maths homework book they have worked on previously, while others may start on the next book. (It is informed by the test from last week.) If together we find that it needs some adjustment, we will switch books as necessary.

As a result, I have photocopied the initial pages for now in order to see how we get on; and I will distribute books later. (We have also found that we are short on some levels of books so will order some additional copies.)


Please also spend time using TTRS to improve timetable recall.  (We will issue new maths homework books soon.)


Y5 Spelling – Autumn Term 1

The children should have also taken home a spelling rules sheet. Each week a different rule is taught so that the children have a way of trying to work out how to spell words as well as just remembering them. On Fridays we play a ‘round the world’ spelling game in order to test how well we have retained the spellings on the sheet.


Don’t forget to read each day too!


Y5 Topic Homework – Autumn Term 1

Please pick one grid square on the table below per week to have a go at.

(Please talk to me or email if you need clarification about any of the tasks.)
Try to make sure you don’t pick the same colour as the week before.
You can be as inventive as you like with the way you present the homework.


You can download the table and text using this link if you would like to print a copy:


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