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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

What a busy day we had on 30th January! The children looked amazing and were so good trying out all the different activities.

In the morning,we made shields out of paper plates and enjoyed designing our pattern and covering with silver foil. The rubbing in of the shoe polish was rather smelly though! We made oil lamps from clay, starting with a thumb pot and stretching the clay to form a lip and a handle. It was quite tricky to add the pattern on the side of the pots. We made and played our own game of Merels, which is the Roman version of Noughts and Crosses. It was especially good fun playing human Merels. We all enjoyed the chance to cook some Roman food and the smells wafting from the kitchen were tantalising. 

In the afternoon we all enjoyed performing our play and our dance to our parents and to the Emperor. We had all worked hard to learn our dance and it looked great with everyone in costume and concentrating hard. Well done to all the parents for watching hard and learning the moves so that they could join in with us. Our play about Boudica, presented as a comic-tragedy was great fun to perform. We had looked carefully at the features of a play-script and our finished products all included stage directions, soliloquies and scene changes. Finally we shared our cooking with everyone. The honey melon was the least popular, but the honey cookies and bread were very tasty.

Well done Class 3 for a great day's learning!


Roman Day

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