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Polar Explorers with The Royal Maritime Museum, Greenwich


We had a brilliant time thinking about polar exploration in a virtual session led by Dwayne from the Royal Maritime Museum. He spoke to us about how polar explorers prepared for their expeditions and the importance of them learning from the indigenous people (inuits). We also learnt about some amazing people who have had to fight harder for the chance to go to polar regions and be recognised for their accomplishments because of the colour of their skin or their gender. We are in awe of Barbara Hillary who is the first African-American woman to go to the North Pole - at the age of 75! She then went to the South Pole three years later!
After our session with Dwayne we recorded our learning by creating a page to capture everything from the hour. 

Did you know that Viking longships would often be adorned with a figurehead at the front? These were to intimidate their enemies. They would be made of wood and were often removable in case of bad weather. For homework this term some of the class have chosen to design their own figureheads for a Viking longship. The designs are a wonderful mixture of careful research and incredible creativity.

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