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The deadline for September 2023 Reception admissions is 16.01.23. Please ensure all e-applications have been lodged.

Geography & History

Geography and History

Local Area Study

This term, we have turned our focuses to Geography as we have been carrying out a local area study.  This has allowed us to fine-tune our map reading skills all the while learning more about the area in which we live.  Once with a greater insight and knowledge about our local area we began to look at Mousehole, Cornwall, the setting of iconic legend we read in our English lessons - carrying out a comparison.  I wonder where you would prefer to live?

Stone Age to Iron Age

This term, our focus will be on history as we learn all about the prehistoric eras, ranging from the Stone Age on through to the Iron Age.  Not only will we be learning about the changes that took place at this time but we will also consider how different it is to the way we live nowadays!

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