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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
School is closed for the Easter break, so learning is paused on our class pages. Care is only for specific families to support the response to COVID-19.


‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

We sold our Alpana cards and raised enough money to support 5 groups of people on the Lend With Care website. The children picked the businesses that they thought would most benefit from an interest-free loan and would have a good chance of repaying it. 


You can find out more by searching 'Lend with care' on the internet.

Year 4 are reading ‘Rickshaw Girl’ by Mitali Perkins. It is an interesting way to find out about a particular region of India. The book describes the beautiful ‘alpana’ patterns that make use of paint from rice. Year 4 have designed their own alpanas digitally. Here are some examples.
You can see more on the art page by clicking on the pictures below.

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