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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’


Welcome to Chevening St. Botolph's. Usually, we are keen to welcome visitors to our school, hosting regular Open Mornings  between October and January, so that prospective families can see the school in action. Our COVID-19 arrangements mean this is not safely possible, so at present, there are no Open Mornings in Autumn 2020. Should the restrictions and guidance change, we will gladly be ready to welcome the return of visitors! In the meantime, our plans for prospective parents wanting to learn more about our school can be found here.


Starting in Reception Class

Chevening (St Botolph's) is a high performing and popular school and is sometimes over-subscribed for Reception Class entry. However, do not be put off; usually, the intake stretches beyond the church elements of our over-subscription criteria, to include children who are admitted on the basis of the distance from their home address to the school. Indeed, in some years due to lower birth rates or lower sibling numbers, we have even had spaces in our reception class. We encourage all prospective parents to visit and consider naming the school as one of their options; the myth that you are not able to get a space unless you attend the local church, simply isn't true!* 
To apply for a place in our Reception Class, please complete a KCC Application Form and, if you are regular Church attendees, a Supplementary Information Form.


Church attendance at St Botolph's September 2019

From September 2019, there was an interregnum at St Botolph's Church,  for the appointment of a new Rector. Families seeking proof of church attendance in support of Admission to Chevening (St Botolph's) School, are advised sign the Church Attendance Register located in Church. Please send all Supplementary Information Forms to the Church Office, so that the Church Wardens can sign them during this period. This arrangement applies to both Church Secondary School applications, as well as applications to Chevening (St Botolph's) Primary School.


Entry at Other Points
We sometimes have spaces in our classes, often when families move out of area. The admissions process for applying for an ' in year' places is as follows:

Please contact the Mrs Richardson in the School Office to enquire if there are any vacancies. Where year groups are already full, we operate a waiting list and allocate places as they become available, in accordance with our over-subscription criteria (please see Admissions Policy).
A visit to see our school in action would be ideal, but (due to COVID-19) may not always be possible. In that situation, we will try to schedule a chat with families seeking to join our school, so they can find out more. 

After a visit or chat, families who are interested in applying for an in-year place need to complete the KCC In Year Casual Admission Form (IYCAF) form and, if you are regular Church attendees, a Supplementary Information Form and submit them to the School Office. 

July 2020 Update specifically relating to Church Attendance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

For Admissions relating to September 2021 - 2022, we are aware that church attendance has not been possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proposing an amendment to our Admissions Policy covering this period September 2021 - 2022, and once approved by the Office for the Schools Adjudicator, we will publish it here.

Our proposed amendment will state:

"In the event that during the period specified for attendance at worship the church has been closed for public worship and has not provided alternative premises for that worship, the requirements of these [admissions] arrangements in relation to attendance will only apply to the period when the church or alternative premises have been available for public worship”.



All parents have the right to appeal if they have not been offered a place at a school that they would prefer their child to attend. You can appeal for a place at any of the schools you named on your original application and were not offered. You can attend the appeal hearing in person should you wish to do so, but you cannot appeal for a school that you did not name on your original application. For further details, see our Admissions Policy and the KCC Primary Admissions Appeal advice

For applications made in the normal admission round, appeals must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals.  For late applications, appeals should be heard within 40 schools days from the deadline for lodging appeals where possible, or within 30 schools days of the appeals being lodged.



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