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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.


Between us, we have now read a whopping 250 books this year so far! Our book wall is taking over the classroom. We love talking about the books we are reading and the wall has really helped some people in the class decide what to read next. 

The debate!

We have been planning a debate about what the Rabbits brought to Australia. We split into two groups to consider how their arrival might be viewed by both the rabbits themselves and also the native numbats. We started in a group of 14(!) before splitting up into smaller groups to then plan our statements for the debate itself. Listening was just as important as speaking and teamwork was key.

After writing our poems today we had the opportunity to read each other’s. We moved around the classroom, reading the poems and giving feedback on our personal response to it. We really liked getting feedback on our poems and getting it from so many different people at one time. It was also fun to be able to give feedback about the meaning of the poem without having to look at accuracy.

We held a conscience corridor today to decide whether Shackleton should stay on Elephant Island or set sail in search of help. We had to consider both sides of the argument before we chose one to plan an argument around.

Books We’ve Read update: We are now up to 138 books on the wall!

Each time anyone in the class finishes reading a book we add it to the wall, to create a record of all the books we have read this year. We’ve already read 61 books!

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