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The deadline for September 2023 Reception admissions is 16.01.23. Please ensure all e-applications have been lodged.


Class 1 have been immensely enjoying their new book Leaf by Sandra Diekmann; a beautifully illustrated story about a polar bear who drifts to a different land. This rich text has provided Class 1 with an abundance of cross-curricular learning opportunities from writing fact files about these majestic animals to learning about the threat of climate change to the Arctic and making collages for our display wall. 

Michael Rosen, one of Class 1’s favourite poets, was so interested in the willow pattern on his plate that it inspired him to write a poem,  Dinnertime. 

Like Michael Rosen, Class 1 were also inspired to compose free verse poetry but their inspiration was the opening illustration of their class book, Leaf. We based our poems on the structure of Dinnertime.

A wonderful way to engage more deeply with our book. 

Acting out The Lonely Beast's treacherous journey to find friends!

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