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The Pebble in My Pocket: A History of Our Earth

Later in the term, we read A Pebble in My Pocket written by Meredith Hooper.  This fascinating history of the earth took us on a scientific adventure through time and across the globe - all by following the trail of a single people over millions of years.  Not only did this provide us for a lot of food for thought, which resulted in some excellent pieces of writing, but we also made sure we focused both on our spoken language and drama skills too.  

UG: Boy Genius of the Stone Age

This term, we will the reading UG: Stone Age Boy Genius by Raymond Briggs.  This beautifully illustrated graphical novel not only ties in beautifully with our learning about the Stone Age in history but should also inspire us to write a range of different texts.  Everything varying from Stone Age cookery show scripts to information to fact files about famous inventors and inventions.  So watch this space!

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