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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.



Class 2 have really enjoyed exploring our whole school book 'Flotsam' by David Weisner. They found it particularly interesting that ‘Flotsam’ is a wordless book. This encouraged them to use their imaginations to delve deeper into the illustrations within the book. 


They were particularly interested in the strange and surreal underwater photographs that the boy discovers on the camera. The children spent time closely observing each illustration and decided to create their own underwater poems.


The surreal underwater world inspired the children to create their own underwater creatures using items of flotsam.



Class 2 have been enjoying their learning about Amazing Africa with a focus on life in Kenya. 


In English, they explored the text ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’ by David Conway. Inspired by our rainy British weather, they decided to create their own versions of the ‘Secret of Sun’.


In Art, they explored African colours and patterns. They were keen to create their own colourful printing patterns as well as African animal silhouettes. 

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