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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

The Story Machine

Year 5 loved the whole-school story book called 'The Story Machine'. We are busy typing up some of our own versions of the picture book now. (We are trying to turn it into a chapter book). Watch this space for our versions; but in the meantime - please have a look at our typewriters and other inventions below. 

The Series of Unfortunate Events
The Bad Beginning!


Year 5 tried hard to wade through the misery of this book! Those poor Bauldelaire orphans! Lemony Snicket quite rightly warned us to put the book down and go and do something jolly instead; but sadly we didn't listen! Oh me, oh my! Well - if you want to take your mind off the dastardly deeds of Count Olaf and his awful acting troupe, we have a few other book recommendations for you here...

Who Has The Right to Education?

The children worked really hard to write their own Forwards/Backwards poem about education based on Brian Bilson's poem 'Refugee'. We hope you enjoyed our performance of it at Harvest. You can read it here again Top-to-bottom and then Bottom-to-top. It fits in well with the journey of Little Alma, who is searching for a safe place, her mother and education. (You can track her journey on this external website...

Who Should Have the Right to Education?                          

They have no need of education                                            
Do not tell me                                                            
These people and their ideas could be part of our school
Should education have a different point                               
We need to see them for who they really are                       
They are not                                                               
Welcome in schools                           
We should make them                                                           
Go without education
They can not                                                               
Share our wisdom
Share our knowledge                                                 
Share our ideas                                                                      
Instead let us                                                              
Tell them to stay at home
It is not okay to say                                                    
Education is for everyone                  
It only belongs to us                                                               
Don’t be so silly to think that                                     
Education can be looked at another way

(Now read from bottom to top)


By Class 5 with thanks to Brian Bilston's Refuges poem for inspiration

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