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Today we have been working on our spoken language skills. We have been working in groups to create an idea to present to Ug’s community. We had one big piece of paper to encourage us to collaborate and talk about our ideas. Listening is just as important as talking and we had to take turns and listen carefully to build on the ideas of our companions. We also asked questions to make sure that everyone in the group was involved.

Today we have been doing some role-play based on Ug by Raymond Briggs. We looked at the conversations that Ug has with his parents and then prepared a performance of one of these. We had to think about how we used our voices and bodies to convey the meaning in the conversation. We went outside to prepare for our performances, making notes on how we might before and practising before showing each other.

There was much excitement in the class this morning as we saw that our shape poems had been put up on display! We wrote these as part of our learning based on The Story Machine by Tom McLaughlin.

We have had 1 3 0 2 7 4 visitors