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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.


Class 6 were lucky to have a Zoom meeting with Laura Trott MP this morning. We asked her lots of questions about environmental policy, following up on the letters we wrote to her right at the start of this year. 

Our reading walls continue to grow!

We have now filled the wall around our whiteboard will reviews of the books we have read. The number of books featuring characters of colour or with neurodiversity is definitely increasing. We have now had to start on a wall at the back of the room and we already have a whole row of books there - we just can’t stop reading!

Continuing with our learning about What We'll Build, we thought about what makes Chevening School our school. We produced some art to get us thinking and then wrote a piece of writing (or our choice) to show what being a part of our school means to us. 
We are starting our return to school by thinking about the book "What We'll Build" by Oliver Jeffers. Today we thought about the tools we might need to help us rebuild as a class and build the rest of our time in Year 6. 
We were really inspired by our session with Caryl Hart and wrote some of our own stories. Mrs Edwards even sent some to Caryl to see what she thought.
As part of our Book Week theme "Share a Story" we have created some of our own recommendation lists. These are based on our own reading and also research on different genres. Look out for these in the school library once Covid restrictions allow for visits!
Our reading recommendation wall is growing! It is great to see that so many people have been reading during lockdown. We continue to have a good number of books with characters of colour (seen with a glittery border on our wall because we think diverse books are important and should be celebrated).

This week we have been writing our own version of The Rabbits by Shaun Tan and John Marsden, applying all of our learning about the colonisation of Australia and how history can be reported differently depending on who is telling the story of events!



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Still image for this video
Chevening got a mention in the House of Commons on Thursday! Following on from receiving our letters, Laura Trott MP took our concerns to Parliament.
Class 6 had some exciting post this week! Back in September we wrote to our local MP, Laura Trott MBE MP about the positive effects that lockdown had had on the environment, sharing with her our ideas of what the government could do to continue these benefits from a national and local level. We were really pleased to receive personalised replies from Laura in the post this week. Watch this space to see if she will be able to come in to discuss our ideas further - she could have some real debate on her hands!

Over the course of the year we are making a note of all of the books we read. These are books we read individually and ones we read as a class. Each time we read a book, we give it a score out of 5 and then Mrs Edwards adds it to the wall. If the book features characters from a range of ethnic backgrounds we give it a glittery border to highlight how many of our books promote diversity. 

Already in Term 1 we have filled a wall with the books we have read: 50 books in total!

We started this term, like all of the other classes, by reading Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. As part of our learning we thought about people who are making the world a better place. We wanted to choose as diverse a range of people as possible - because people do come in all shapes, sizes and colours but our media and the books we read doesn't always reflect this mix. 
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