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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

National Poetry Day

We have been responding to National Poetry Day by writing our own chilling, choral poems about Odysseus’ adventures.


We hope you enjoyed our harvest performance poetry at church...

Slowly, secretly, hear the wind blow
Enchanting the crops with her dance below.
This way and that, a crow peers and sees
Blossoming fruit among stunning green leaves.

The grass as green as an emerald ring
Is home to the insects that chant and sing.
A late harvest mouse goes scampering by,
While cat watches with glistening green eye.

The sun weaving patterns of darkness and light,
Is partner to droplets bringing growth and life.
Farmer sits astride straining tractor painted green,
While birds warble in hedgerows, as yet, unseen. 

As green beans, green onions, green lettuce - grow,         
We give thanks to God, for all we know.


There is a chance for you to exercise your own poetry skills too! ‘National Book Tokens’ are running a 30 word poetry competition on the theme of ‘truth’. (Children may also take part if an adult uploads their entry.) Why not have a go and share your ideas with us, as well as uploading an entry into the competition?



Whether a kernel, nugget or grain,

It will always remain.

Even halved, bent or in doubt

Truth will always - out!

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