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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.

Day 4: 8 / 1 / 21

Today we are experimenting with setting assignments on Teams to try to keep all learning to a single platform. The assignments are 'lessons' with information provided within the assignment itself. You should be notified when your child logs on to Teams, else navigate to the 'assignments' section on the left hand side where you should find all the lessons for the day. The day's assignments will go live at 7AM ready for whenever you are. We must stress the importance of attending the daily 9:30 check in, as we will be taking a register of attendees and this is a good opportunity to keep children connected with their friends in school. 


Day structure:

9:10 - Morning exercise - break out those star jumps! How many shapes can you make with your body?

9:30 - Daily check in and Phonics (Live on Teams)

10:00 - English (this is likely to require additional time later in the day)

10:30 - Break

11:00 - Maths (Live on Teams)

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - Continuation of English, followed by Reading comprehension and choosing time.

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