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Day 3 7.1.21

Thursday 7th January 2021


Morning Movement

Play Maths active dice game inside/outdoors (if you don’t have a dice to hand you could say aloud each instruction e.g. do 10 star jumps) 



Recap yesterday's new digraph 'sh' by watching Geraldine the Giraffe (see video below). Can you remember the action?


Recap all sounds learnt using flashcards Speed Trial game (Phase 2 and Phase 3): 

You will need to select Resources- Phase 2- Flashcards Speed Trial- individual graphemes and click all for set 1-7 and just click on ‘sh’ in set 8. 

(You can login to Phonics Play for free using the details: username: jan21, password: home) 


OR you could play the first part of yesterday’s Phonics video and say aloud the sounds as you see the flashcards. 


Write the words on separate pieces of paper/post-it notes: ship, shop, shed, fish, brush, shig, shup, shad, mish, lesh. Label two soft toys (one is Obb and one is Bob). Children to add sound buttons to the words on paper and read aloud by sounding out e.g. sh-i-p. Then decide if it is a real word or alien word and place by Obb toy or Bob toy. Obb likes alien words, Bob likes real words! 


Challenge: to write your own words for the game using some Phase 2/3 sounds that we have learnt. 



I came into school this morning to find this in the classroom…

What do you think it might be?

Where has it come from?

Are there any clues?


Draw a picture of what you think might be inside the wrapping paper and write a simple sentence to match e.g. It is a box. Encourage your child to write phonetically. 


Challenge: to write a sentence and use the connective ‘and’ e.g. It is a box and it has… 



Number of the day 6


Watch Miss Levy’s Maths video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. For today’s task, you will need a pencil and the Maths template sheet provided in the resources below. If you do not have a printer, you can copy it on to a piece of paper. 



Look at the images (see resource sheet 1) with your child. Ask them: What do you know about Jesus? Use the pictures to help. Why do you think Christians might think he is special? What did we learn about Jesus last term? (Christmas story)


In the pictures we have just looked at, there is a picture of Jesus as an adult. Let’s look at some other pictures of Jesus growing up (see resource sheet 2). Read aloud the captions at the bottom of the sheet and encourage your child to point to the matching picture.  How have we grown up? What can you do now that you couldn’t do when you were a baby? Watch video ‘Jesus growing up’:


Explain to your child that Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and he is very special. God gave Jesus a special job to do on Earth- share God’s good news. Jesus chose some ordinary people to help him do God’s work on Earth. These 12 men were called disciples, which meant they were followers of Jesus. 



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