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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.

Day 3: 7 / 1 / 21

Hello Class 1! 


I hope you have had a lovely week so far. We have an exciting day ahead together and I'm looking forward to spending it with you, digitally or in person. Please drop me a message on Teams if you need anything help and I will endeavour to answer your questions to the best of my ability!

(!) Daily Check In and Phonics (!)


If you only join us for one thing today, make it the daily check in! We will be going live from the classroom at 9:30 on Teams.


After our check in we will do some Phonics together.

If you cannot make our live session, we will start by having a look at sounds we know that make the same sound - a sound family. How many sounds can you think of that sound the same as the following sounds?

ai - 

ee - 

igh - 

oe (as in toe) -

er -

or -

A completed family chart is below, you may find it helpful to use, although we have not covered all the sounds yet so don't panic if you don't get them all!

After that, we will do some more work on syllables. Start by clapping out the word 'rescue'. Now we have broken down the syllables, can you write the word? If we use a slash to divide it, where would the slash go?

Then have a go with 'about', 'steamy' and 'denied'


Finally, have a go at writing some questions using 'what' and 'out'.

E.g. What was the weather like on Tuesday?

E.g. Out of dogs and cats, which would you rather have?

Lesson 1: PE

Use your whole body to pretend to be these things:

- A waddling duck (quacking is allowed!)

- A stiff robot (how straight can your legs be?)

- Galloping horses

- Soaring planes

- Can you make up some of your own to tell us about at check-in?


I hear through the grapevine that P.E. with Joe is coming back on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Join in if you want a really big challenge!

10:30 - Break

11:00 Maths - LI: To be able to recognise 2-D shapes in the everyday environment.


At 11:00am we will be going live on Teams to share in our Maths lesson. The lesson will be recorded so please turn off mic and video when joining the meeting. Assuming the technology works beautifully, you will then be able to catch up the content on Teams if you miss it. Attached beneath is a copy of the slides I will be using and the answers for yesterday's sheet so you can self-mark.

12:00 Lunch

English: I can make inferences from a text.


We will be spending some more time with Traction Man today. Read and answer the questions in the powerpoint aloud. Your task will be to create and describe a new outfit for Traction Man, more details are on the last two slides. 

R.E. What is the Good News Jesus brings? Lesson 1.


We are starting a new topic in R.E. looking at Jesus and the good news he brings. Click through the powerpoint and see what you can find out!

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