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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.

Day 2: 6 / 1 / 21

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday! 

Don't forget to send along your work from yesterday if you haven't already done so. 

Movement:(15 minutes) 

Think about the movements that you did yesterday and practice these again. If it is dry, you could perhaps do some work balancing a ball and throwing and catching to practice your hand-eye co-ordination. Why not finish with sharing Hello, my name is Joe with your family if you can remember the words!

9.30: Check-in time: Do join us to say hello. this morning we are going to share our Act of Worship together.


Using the Phase 5 powerpoint, can you write a word that uses each of the graphemes? How far can you get through the list?

Look at the word thirteen Clap the word as you say it. How many beats can you hear? Write the word down and put a slash / between the sounds. Use you sound buttons to help you sound out the word. Using the number of beats and sound talking will help you to be able to spell the word correctly. 

Try with windmill / children / classroom / thunder / drawing

Can you write sentences for three of these words? think carefully about how they are spelt and their sounds.

Maths:   LI: to be able to recognise 4 basic 3d solid shapes: spheres, cubes, cuboids and pyramids

Look at the textbook pages (saved at the bottom of today's work. read through the information about solid shapes and see if you can find some solid shapes around your house. Can you name the shapes in the guided practice section?

Hopefully you have all collected your sheets from the office, please complete Worksheet 1. If you would like to practice further and you have shapes at home, perhaps you could see what you could make using different shapes - don't forget to take a photo and send it in.

English:  LI: To be able to describe incidents in sequence

You may like to re-read the story again. Today we are going to create a story map. You will need to draw out the different events of the story in order adding description if necessary to make the story-map clear. There is an example of a story-map at the bottom of the page. Please colour in the map in.

Science: We are starting our new topic about Materials this week. 

Listen to the song on You Tube. This tells you all about different materials and why they are used for the jobs that they do. Have a look as well at the Bitesize link which talks about where different materials can be found around the home and the reasons why they are used for the jobs that they do.

Now you are going to be a materials detective! Using the headings listed below, have a hunt around your house and see how many examples of the materials from each group your can find.


Wood / Leather / Metal / Glass / Paper / Ceramics / Plastic / Fabric


How many examples can you find for each different material?


Why not finish the afternoon by reading a story? If you would like to listen to one instead, use the link to the BBC Teach stories




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