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Day 1 5/1/21

Movement (15 minutes): Can you think of 5 different movements to practice this morning? make sure that you have a range of activities - some jumping, some crossing over left and right, some balancing, some pushing against something hard and perhaps put on your favourite piece of music and have a dance. If your parent or carer is free. perhaps they could dance with you!!


Check - in time:  Do join us to say hello 


Phonics: (20 minutes) : Today we are revising some of the sounds that we have already learnt. Look at the attached powerpoint of sounds from phases 3 and 5 and see which sounds you can remember. Think carefully when you see the grapheme about the sound that it makes.

Think about the sound 'ch'. What different sounds can this grapheme make? Can you say them out loud? you should be able to think of three. These words will help you to think of the different sounds - school / chemist / chef

Can you write another word to match the sound made in each of these words?

Make sure that it includes ch

When we are writing longer words, it often helps to break the word into smaller groups of sound. We call these syllables. think about the word Sunday - we could break this down into Sun and day to help us spell it correctly. Can you think of some other words that you could spell in this way? try to write some of them down.

Maths (45 minutes):  LI: To be able to recognise shapes in the everyday environment

We are starting our new topic today which is all about shape. We are going to begin with a shape hunt. At school we will be hunting around the classroom and our outside area. Where could you look at home? Can you draw the shapes that you find? Make sure that you write down where you found them. We will be taking pictures of them at school which we will upload onto the class page so you can see where they are too. If you can take a photo of your favourite shape, why not send the picture in so that we can see it at school too.

Finally, draw a picture that includes lots of different shapes - square cushions on a rectangular sofa, a spherical ball floating in a circular paddling pool. Don't lose your pictures as tomorrow we will be looking at their properties.


AoW: Miss Minnis has prepared an Act of Worship for us all to share to welcome you all back to school.


English (1 hour):Today we are starting our new book - Traction Man is here! Please join us if you can at 11am to read through the book. A copy is attached if you are unable to join us and also to help with your work.

If you are reading it through at home with your child, please do stop and ask questions about what is happening on each page. Eg.: What do you think the family are thinking as they unwrap their presents?

What kinds of adventures are Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush having? 

What has happened to the dollies? Why do you think the author has written about them like this?

Draw your favourite part of the story and say what you liked most about it. 


PE : Record how many of the different activities you can complete in 1 minute:

Star jumps

hops on one leg

laps around your garden

touching toes

leg crosses

air punches

Perhaps you could think of a few of your own. It does not have to be these activities, but get actives for half an hour. Jump on your trampoline if you have one, kick a ball, run some races with others in your family.


Choosing time:  The rest of the afternoon is choosing time. See how creative you can be? Make something out of Lego or other construction material. Draw a picture. It's up to you!!








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