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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.

Contributing to our Community

Chevening St Botolph's children, families and staff enjoy many opportunities to contribute to the local community and to benefit from community activities.


As well as taking part in services at St Botolph's Church, the school also supports Chipstead Lake Leonard Cheshire Home, often visiting to celebrate special occasions and services like Christmas. Likewise, our Choir enjoyed performing Christmas carols and songs for Rivermere Home residents during a chilly December afternoon.

Our oldest children have helped St Botolph's Church to deliver Harvest gifts to local residents, including hand-crafted cards; we send our neighbours Christmas greetings featuring the children's own designs. Staff and children take an active part in St Botolph's Days of Prayer for Advent and Pentecost.

Our Christmas and Summer Fairs are open to local residents and we enjoy the support of parents, friends and local businesses to make the events sociable and fun. Recently, we ventured on to the high wire, with the PTA inviting a Circus to school! The show was speedily sold out, so we look forward to the return of the Circus soon.

Chevening School Authors

As avid readers, there is a strong authorial intent within school, with children, staff and parents contributing to a range of published books which explore many aspects of school life, the wider world and elements of faith.


In 2020, two new anthologies were added to the school's collection of published works; one in support of our link with 'Their Voice', a charity that works with victims of modern slavery

The second anthology arose during the COVID-19 Pandemic, when the children, staff and families were safely hibernating, during the Government's 'lockdown' March-June 2020. Local residents and friends from St Botolph's Church also contributed thoughts, pictures, photos and prose composed during the weeks apart.


Both 'The 12 Affirmations' and  'Chevening Together- Reflections of Hope and Courage' are available for purchase on the Lulu publishing platform

(Do look out for discount codes, which are frequently advertised!)

A number of older publications by Chevening St Botolph's Primary School are still available on Lulu. Previous pupils and staff might be interested in purchasing books from 2010 onwards.

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