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Internet Safety Day

We tested our Internet Safety knowledge by playing a game of 'e-safety Blockbusters!'


You can test your own knowledge using our Internet Safety Quiz. Why not play your own game of 'E-safety Blockbusters'?


Just click on the file below to download a copy. 
How many answers can you find?  Let us know!

Composing Music Digitally

Class 4 have been enjoying using a program called 'Garage Band' to investigate different instruments and then compose and record their own sections of music. Some have recorded their voice to add to the track. We have then been discovering how to edit our music in order to improve it. You can see a 'Musical Story' about the O2 in which we have stitched together a few examples by clicking here


Movie Maker Egyptian Rap

Class 4 learnt about how to use Movie Maker in order combine images and recorded sound to produce an animated movie using still pictures. You can click here to see our Ancient Egyptian Video Rap. In this project we used an AI program to construct part of the poem, then used the internet to check and research facts, Word to modify and improve the poem, a digital microphone to record our voices, an ipad to take photographs of our artwork and then put it all together using Movie Maker. We have been learning about so many different tools. We hope you like our short movie. 


Digital Art and Maths

Class 4 used a program called 2Paint to produce symmetrical patterns. Our aim was to make attractive designs that could be printed on card and used to make welcome cards for a charity we support called Their Voice. (Due to the different faiths of people rescued from modern slavery by the charity we thought it best to make abstract patterns that could be used for all.) We hope you like our pictures. You can find out about Their Voice by clicking on the external link.  You can see a slideshow below of the designs below the picture here.


Simulations in Science

Class 4 worked very hard when studying food chains to try to predict what would happen when eco-systems and food chains were changed. First we researched different food chains and systems. Then we altered the variables to find out what was predicted to happen. You can try yourself by making use of this external website.  You can also click on the file icon to use the other food chain sites we explored. 


In the first example, the eco-system is very unstable and results in the collapse of the system due to the dominance of a predator. The predators become extinct! In the second example, we can see the system fluctuating and seemingly becoming less stable. We would need to run the simulation for a longer period to know whether the two predators find a balance point. The third picture shows a system in better balance and the populations becoming steady very quickly. 


Programing computers in order to make shapes

Class 4 used a programming language in order to control an onscreen pen drawing shapes. We learnt a lot about coordinates, commands, directions, angles and repeated codes when making our shapes. 

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