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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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(Day 1) A few ideas for work to warm yourself up with before returning to fun in the snow...


Snowy Science 1:

Look for a slope and get a smooth, flat object (such as a baking tray) that you are allowed to use. Ask first! Then place the object on the slope. Does it move? How far? How fast? What happens if you do the same again with an object sitting on the tray? Make some observations. What happens when you add another heavy object too? Then another? Is there a pattern?

Extension - can you change the slope?
(Perhaps by compacting the snow/ice or changing the shape by adding or removing snow.) If you carry out the investigation again - what happens this time?)


Snowy Science 2:

Find a deep patch of snow and ask to take 3 small, heavyish objects (that are not valuable or fragile) eg marbles, toy cars, stones. Get a ruler. Drop them one at a time in the snow. Use a stick to find out how deep they went into the snow. (Mark the point where the stick is at the surface.) Then measure the depth they fell. Try to explain why you think some fell further than others. 


Science 3:
This one is in the warm! You can see whether your findings match the science clips simulations. Do they agree? If not - why do you think not? If they do - what have you found out?


Why not have a go at some 6 figure grid reference maths work. (You can try with 4 first. There is a worksheet at the bottom and a link to an external game here...
It will help you with the Turing Competition Chapter 5! The answers can be found by using OS maps such as NY30. Here's a link to the first one...
If you take the first number from each set of 5 co-ordiantes to find the map number you should be on your way...


Please continue with your book review of your favourite book and make an original front cover in pencil. Only black and white please and with no words yet! We will paint them with watercolours and then add the text using a computer. You can read some of our previous reviews published on Amazon here... Chevening Reviews on Amazon. 

Or read one of our Book Review Books here...
(You can download a copy for a small fee, buy a paper copy or ask Mr Qureshi for a free digital version.  'Get That Book' series 1 to 4.)   



Day 2 - It's still snowing!  

Maths: Please have a go at the snowy maths sheet below. (There are options for people who find it tricky, are OK and are Confident.) 


Please have a go at your times tables using out 'Hit the Button' maths game.


English: We want to run a code-breaking competition for other schools to take part in. Have a go at planning a story that we could use to base the competition around. It needs to be a  relatively simple story that we could break into 6 chapters.  


Science/DT/FT: We want to learn about how to keep our bodies healthy by eating well. Plan a healthy, balanced meal and draw and label it on a plate drawn on a piece of paper please. 

Sugar and salt seem to be added to everything these days. Please look at the labels of some food packaging and write down the amount of salt and sugar each one contains.You could make a grid saying the 'name', 'weight', 'amount of salt', 'amount of sugar' etc for several foodstuffs. 


Science: We need to keep some drinks and food hot in this chilly weather. Which materials would work best? Either try to find out by putting various insulated containers (with water inside) around your garden to find out which work best. Don't leave them overnight or something bad may happen to the containers. Can you guess what and why? Alternatively, stay inside and warm and explore using this BBC website program on insulation...  


Optional 1: - Can you come up with (or find) a recipe for a healthy, sugar-free cake? If you can make one and it's nice - you may well earn some extra merit points! 


Optional 2: - Have you got an old plastic bottle that you no longer need? Fill it up with water and place it outside in your garden overnight. Have a look at what happens in the morning. If you have more than one disposable bottle, you could try the same but add different amounts of salt to the water. 


 Day 3! 

Geography / Maths / Computing:
Have a look at the BBC Weather website prediction for our school.
(There is a bigger version of the picture saved below. You can type in TN13 into the search. Or change it to your own postcode.) 

TOC 1) Can you find out what each symbol represents? 
OC 2) Why do you think some of the symbols are pictured higher than others for today? What could the height represent?

TOC 3) What may seem a bit strange when you look at the temperature in the day compared to the temperature tonight? 

OC 4) What do you notice about the change in the cloud/weather symbol between 7pm and 10pm today? Why might this change have happened?
C 5) Try to look up 'precipitation'. Why do you think it is given as a percentage here? 
COT 6) Comment on whether you think it looks likely we will be back at school next week. (Look at the bar at the top.) 

COT 7) How do you think the Met Office makes these predictions? 

Can you explain how people work out the threat level of a weather system?
(Look at each axis to help you.) 
If stuck you could try clicking on the link...



How do you think people work out what the weather will be like?
What technology do they use to...
a) measure
b) Predict
c) communicate


If you want to have a look at the weather system changing, click this link and the move your mouse across the hours on the left...


Have a go at making your own presentation. What would it look like? How and what would you measure?  


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