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Class R

Welcome to Class R!


Our Reception team consists of:


Miss Levy - Class Teacher


Mrs Pontin: TA on Monday

Mrs Stephens: TA on Tuesday - Friday


Mrs Wagstaff: 1:1 on Monday & Tuesday

Mrs Cross 1:1 on Wednesday - Friday 

Mrs Rudge 1:1 on Monday- Tuesday

Mrs Cope 1:1 on Wednesday - Friday 


Class R learning...


Trip to Leeds Castle

The children had a fantastic trip to Leeds Castle to link to their Castle theme topic this term. They had a great day which involved dressing up and acting out 'The Swan Princess'. The children really impressed me at how confident they were and I was very proud! Then we had a guided tour of the Castle where the children pointed out the different parts of a castle such as 'arrow slits', 'crenellations' and 'turrets' which impressed the guides!

The day ended in the maze and some even braved it through the dimly lit grotto! Thank you so much to all the parent helpers and staff that helped to make this day go so smoothly! 





Easter Gardens

In R.E, the children have been learning about Easter and the true meaning behind it. We created our own Easter Gardens to represent the cave where Jesus was buried using soil, lollypop sticks, plant pots and stones. It was a messy activity but the children had great fun!




Making Jam Tarts

We had our first cooking lesson in Class R. The children made delicious jam tarts fit for any King or Queen! First, we discussed the equipment and ingredients that we would need then looked together at a recipe to see the steps we needed to follow. We each had a go at writing a list of ingredients and then worked together in groups to make the jam tarts!






How to help your child at home

-Read regularly with your child. Encourage them to have a go at reading a variety of different books (not just the school reading books) and spot tricky words/diagraphs in the books!


-Practice reading and writing Phase 2, Phase 3 & Phase 4 Tricky words 


-Practice writing numbers 0-20 and ordering them. What is one more and one less? 


-Play games with your child such as Snakes and Ladders to encourage sharing and turn-taking


- Practice adding/subtracting and one more/one less by linking to everyday life: 'There are 6 apples in fruit bowl. If I add 4 more how many will there be altogether?' 


-Talk with your child about what they have done at school. This offers them a chance to reflect on the day and develops speaking and listening skills. 




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