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Class R

Welcome to Class R!


Here you will find lots of useful information, helpful resources, fun games and activities to play as well as a photo gallery, newsletters and lots more ... 


 Class Teachers 

Mr Langston (Monday & Tuesday)

Mrs Robinson (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) 


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Qureshi 

Mrs BK

Mrs Pontin 

Mrs Miller 

Term 1 Week 3

We explored how amazing our bodies are and all the incredible things we can do with our bodies. We spent time exploring our faces and mixed paint to match our skin colour. We visited Forest School and played with our Class 6 Buddies. 

Remembering The Queen

The children shared their memories, facts, thoughts and feelings about the Queen this week. They enjoyed watching Paddington's tea party with the queen. The children then made their own marmalade sandwhiches! 

Term 1 Week 2

This week, we explored our 'All About Me' bags. They children loved making comparisons between themselves and their new friends. 

We all visited Forest School for the first time and enjoyed climbing, making potions, inventing delicious recipes and going on magical adventures. 

Hide & Seek with Bella

Bella has been playing Hide & Seek around the school while we have all been on holiday. Can you spot her in each of the pictures below?

Why not print off the game and play while you are out and about this weekend!

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