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Class R

Welcome to Class R!


Here you will find lots of useful information, helpful resources, fun games and activities to play as well as a photo gallery, newsletters and lots more ... 


 Class Teachers 

Mr Langston (Monday & Tuesday)

Mrs Robinson (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) 


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Qureshi 

Mrs BK

Mrs Pontin 

Mrs Miller 

Term 3 Week 3 & 4

The Naughty Bus arrived this week and caused quite a stir in school. It escaped from the classroom and left a real mess in Class 1 and Class 2. The children designed posters in the hope of finding it. Finally, Naughty Bus was spotted in the kitchen. The children created new adventures for Naughty Bus both in the classroom and in Forest School. 

Term 3 Week 2

This week we thought about People Who Help Us in an emergency. The children shared ideas about who to go to in an emergency and what number to call. They designed posters sharing their thoughts and ideas. In maths, we experienced seeing things from different perspectives and described relative positions. The children enjoyed plenty of experience with construction equipment, jigsaws, following routes indoors and outdoors and searching for hidden objects by following instructions all helping to develop their spatial awareness. In Forest School, we built a campfire and then roasted marshmallows.

I wonder if you can remember all the different ways we kept ourselves safe in Forest School?





Term 3 Week 1

This week, we all returned to school after the Christmas break. We had a go at writing all about our favourite Christmas present and described what it looked like. In Maths, we explored the features of rectangles and squares. We enjoyed learning about the artist Pier Mondrian and had a go at designing our very own rectangular artwork inspired by his use of rectangles and the primary colours.  

Term 2 Week 6

This week, the children enjoyed a very delicious Christmas dinner served by their buddies. They enjoyed helping The Jolly Christmas Postman deliver all his letters in the story. They all sparkled during our very special nativity.


Term 2 Week 5

This week, we all enjoyed following Stick Man's journey through the seasons. On the 1st of December, we all had an enormous and very magical surprise. When we arrived at school, we noticed that our classroom had been decorated with beautiful Christmas decorations. We found a sparkly note from the Christmas Fairies wishing us all a very merry Christmas! 

Term 2 Week 4

This week, we explored the beautiful story 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark' By Jill Tomlinson. We thought of other people or nocturnal animals that Plop might meet in the dark. In our maths, we began looking at the Part - Whole Model and simple addition. 


Term 2 Week 3


Class R enjoyed exploring the story 'The Fox in the Dark' by Alison Green. They shared their ideas about all the things that they could do in the dark.

In maths, we have been exploring the numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5 and learning all about the composition of each number. We have been learning the 1 more than and 1 less than relationship between these consecutive numbers.

Its been 'Anti - Bullying Week' at Chevening and Class R have been thinking about the importance of ‘Friendship’. We made a friendship Badge to show each other what lovely friends we all are.



Term 2 Week 2

Class R went on a Hedgehog fact finding mission this week. They enjoyed listening to the story 'A Cold Dark Night' by Tom Hopgood and wrote simple sentences about Ned the Hedgehog. In maths, the children ordered the days of the week and used the language: first, next, then and finally when ordering their school day. They used their senses when creating their own poppies for Remembrance Day and sprinkled gold glitter to represent Peace. 

Term 2 Week 1

We launched into our new topic 'Light to Dark'. The children enjoyed exploring Diwali. They decorated their own Diva lamps and danced to some traditional Diwali music. The children then thought about fireworks. They spent time at Forest School exploring bonfire safety. They used their senses to describe their favourite fireworks. In maths, the children explored 'more' and 'less. 

Term 1 Week 7

This week we explored the story 'Leaf Man' by Louis Ehlert. The children went on an Autumn walk and collected leaves and natural materials. The then made their own leaf characters. In our maths, we have been creating AB repeating patterns. Can you spot the different patterns? 

Term 1 Week 6

Magical Maths Week

This week, Class R have been measuring, weighing, ordering, sorting, counting, adding, subtracting, grouping and having lots of fun with maths in our outdoor area.

Term 1 Week 5

The children really enjoyed reading Handa's Surprise this week. They made lots of predictions about the story. They enjoyed tasting some of the fruits from the story and talked about fruits that they liked and disliked. 

Term 1 Week 4

The children enjoyed sharing pictures of their families with each other. They made a family portraits using natural materials. 

In Forest School, the children made funny faces using nature. 

In Phonics this week, we learnt our first set of sounds: 

's'  'a'  't'  'p'. 


Term 1 Week 3

We explored how amazing our bodies are and all the incredible things we can do with our bodies. We spent time exploring our faces and mixed paint to match our skin colour. We visited Forest School and played with our Class 6 Buddies. 

Remembering The Queen

The children shared their memories, facts, thoughts and feelings about the Queen this week. They enjoyed watching Paddington's tea party with the queen. The children then made their own marmalade sandwhiches! 

Term 1 Week 2

This week, we explored our 'All About Me' bags. They children loved making comparisons between themselves and their new friends. 

We all visited Forest School for the first time and enjoyed climbing, making potions, inventing delicious recipes and going on magical adventures. 

Hide & Seek with Bella

Bella has been playing Hide & Seek around the school while we have all been on holiday. Can you spot her in each of the pictures below?

Why not print off the game and play while you are out and about this weekend!

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