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Class R

Good morning Class R, it’s your last day in Reception! I hope you’ve enjoyed all of our adventures over the year! Well done for your hard work this year in particularly tricky times, you have all been shiny super stars!


I look forward to teaching you again in September. 


Have a lovely Summer!


Miss Levy smiley


Please see below for some fun Summer activities to choose from for our final day:



- Pick a favourite storybook and act it together with an adult inside or in the garden.


-Watch ‘Snail and The Whale’ animation story on BBC iplayer:

Then answer the following questions:

1. Who went for a ride on a humpback whale's tail?

2. Where did the snail live?

3. What words does the author use to describe the waves?

4. How did the tiny snail help the huge whale?

5. If you were the snail where would you go next?



-Number hunt- go on hunt around your house/in your garden. What numbers can you find? Can you find any teen numbers?


-Cut out different 2D shapes in paper and look through to see our beautiful world.



- Can you make a kite? Can you make it fly? The hardest part is waiting for a windy day to fly it!


- Ask your adult to make a simple map of your inside or outside area and hide some treasure (gold coins, sweets, wrapped chocolates etc.). Make sure they mark the hiding place with an X on the map then go and find the treasure! Afterwards, have a go at drawing your own treasure map. Represent different landmarks e.g. trees etc. on your map and don’t forget to include a cross marking the spot where the treasure is hidden!


- Can you make a rock creature? Look for a pebble or stone and then paint it to look like a minibeast or an animal.


- Go into your garden with plain paper and wax crayons. Can you make rubbings on different textures?Look for interesting bricks or patterns. Does it work better using the crayons held on their side? 


Understanding the World

- Using items from nature, create a small world scene for lego/small figures. You could use rocks, pine cones, leaves, sticks etc. 


- Make a bug hotel using old flower pots, pine cones, sticks etc. Do you think you will get some visitors? 



Good morning Class R,


Unfortunately, we are now having to isolate as a class so please see below for some home learning activities for Tuesday (20th July).


Look forward to seeing you all on the Teams call at 9.15am for a class catch up.


Take care and stay safe J



Choose one of your favourite books and write a list of the tricky words you can find.

Challenge: Tally the amount each tricky word has been used. Can you challenge yourself to write a sentence including some of the words you found?



Create a toy shop at home. Label items with price tags and draw the coins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p) then cut them out. Then enjoy acting as a customer or shopkeeper!

Challenge: How many items can you buy with 5p? 10p? What happens if you don’t have the exact coins?



Have a chat with a grown up about your first year at school. What has been your favourite moment in Class R?

What topic have you enjoyed learning about?

Draw a picture and label or challenge yourself to write a few sentences! Remember to use your Phonics knowledge to help you write.


Understanding the World/Art

Look at the world around you. What colours can you see? Now use those colours to paint/draw your own nature picture or mix those colours using red, blue and yellow.


Using natural resources, create a pattern inside or outside. Can you create a repeating pattern?


Physical Development

Carry out some 1 minute time active challenges- How many star jumps can you do? How many hops can you do? How many times can you write your name? You might like to try and record your results.


I will lift up the name of the Lord song:

Sing along and have a go at the actions that we practiced in school. 

Welcome to Class R!


Our Class Teacher is Miss Levy and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Miller


We enjoy learning through play, both indoors and outdoors and it is in these different environments that the children explore and discover their immediate world.



Our class reps are: Mrs Hansford, Mrs Gawn, Mrs McCloskey, Mrs De Silva



Important information


Every day, your child will need to bring a 'sippy' style water bottle, book bag and waterproof coat to school. Please bring wellies at the start of Term 1 to leave at school for our outdoor learning and play. 


Forest School

The children attend Forest School once a week which will help to develop confidence, independence and problem solving skills. We will provide all in one suits to keep the children warm and dry. 



Your child will need a blue school t-shirt, navy shorts/jogging bottoms, a navy jumper and trainers which are clearly named. 


From Term 2, the children will have weekly P.E sessions focusing on developing their core and co-ordination. This will also include Beam, an educational and movement programme which aims to improve their gross motor skills and classroom concentration.


At the start of every morning, they will participate in Activate 5 (a movement based programme) to enable them to be alert and ready to learn. They will also take part in Funky Finger activities and Dough Disco to develop their fine motor skills. 



Your child's learning journal will be sent home with a task to complete on a Friday. These tasks are often practical and aim to consolidate the week's learning. Please return the journals by Wednesday at the latest. 



We will be washing our hands at regular intervals throughout the school day to keep ourselves safe. We will also be cleaning the classroom tables frequently. 



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