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Class 6

Your half term homework is to come up with the answers to the following questions and to write a Chevening memory. The memory may or may not be one that you will use at the Leaver's service.

Each f your answers to the Yearbook questions should include the reason behind your choice of that answer:

1. If I were a food I would be.....

2. Nicknames - up to 3

3. When I grow up, I want to be......

4. If I were an animal I would be.....

5. My favourite sportsperson is.....

6. 5 words to describe me would be......


I think these were the questions upon which we agreed. If you think differently, let me know!


Homework: Set Monday 28.3.22 Due: Thursday 31.3.22

Your homework is:

I would like you to draw up a job description for a friend.   

You should produce a job description that gives an outline of what is involved in a particular job.  It will state:

  • the job title and its location
  • the main duties of the job
  • the person to whom the job holder reports (their boss)
  • the people for whom the job holder will be responsible

You should think about the job title, the main purpose and the main duties that are required.

                                Welcome to the Year 6 Class page

The teachers are Mrs R Wilde (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs L McLean (Wednesday - Friday) 

We are supported in class by Mrs E Holdak (am) and Mrs B Khandsamy (pm) each day.


Important information:

PE takes place on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon

Homework is set on a Friday and should be returned to school the following Wednesday. Each week there are:    

       Spellings (which are tested on a Friday) and Sir Linkalot (daily practice)

       Mental Arithmetic test

       and either a grid choice or English comprehension.

       Times tables practice using Times Tables Rockstars (Daily Practice)

Children are expected to spend 2.5 hours a week on their homework, this may need be longer on weeks where there is a grid choice to complete.

We expect homework to be completed to a high standard of presentation and content.



Here are a few photos of things that we have been working on in Class 6 this Autumn

  • We started the year by running a Macmillan coffee morning and made some special cakes to serve at our coffee morning for Year R and Year 6 parents and Governors
  • We have looked at light and colour as a topic and managed to split white light into separate colours
  • We have all really enjoyed our study of the book Shackleton's Journey and the explorer related work for History and English

This Advent, Year 6 are all being Advent angels!

Instead of buying gifts for others, we are looking for the ways in which we can 'watch over' people around us. We have picked names out of a hat and are trying to think about them and help them in secret and will try to guess our own Advent angel at the end of the term. 

Curriculum map - Autumn

We have had 1 4 8 9 9 4 visitors