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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Class 4 Superheroes

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

My Superhero - Tilly



Name: Lara



Job: Description: I am a spy ninja, I can turn into a dog in the night, I AM THE NUMBER ONE DOG


Outfit: Pig tails {black}  White skin  Red necklace{says my name}  I have a tail   White top and bottoms with black spots  Paws  Black shoes   I can turn into a DALMATIAN




Super Power: To take down bad people with nature power


Extra information: Panda best friend


Nemesis: Dog Wardens







Name: Dash

Job description: saving people who need my help.

Outfit: Incredible Red and Black jumpsuit.

Food: in the morning I eat my cereal and gain power

Superpower: speed

Extra information: getting my strength improved

Nemesis: Dr Apocalypse 





My super hero is called Super Star.

Her job is to control the stars and planets.

She wears everything with stars and planets on [ but different space theme every day].

She eats all of the food I like.

Her power is to make aliens and if the world starts to die, she can make it alive again. 

Super Star rules space

Her enemy is evil aliens!





Name: Jessica 


Job Description: I do school work at home because all the schools are shut.


Outfit: Purple and green tights, orange shoes, a blue dress and a pink cape.


Food: I try to eat what I am given, including fruit and veg.


Super power: To eat quicker than anybody else.


Extra information: I really do not like exercise. I love to act on stage. I like to play football. I like to collect toys.


Nemesis: Flat batteries on electronic devices.






Molly T

Name: Mammal Molly
Job Description: Stopping criminals by the power of animals
Outfit: Tiger print headdress, orange top with MM on it, tiger print leggings, tiger print cape, claws
Food: Any food that any mammal eats
Superpower: To turn into any mammal, to create any mammal
Extra Information: Doesn’t like looking at any birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates
Nemesis: Annoying brothers and boys



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