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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Our Class Teacher is Mr Qureshi

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Kadasamy and Mrs Miller.

Our PPA teacher is Mrs Holdak.


Some practicalities: Homework will be given out on Fridays and will be due back in on Wednesdays. This will consist of something from our homework grid, a page of our Maths book, spellings and 'Times Tables Rockstars'. We should aim to read every day - hopefully for pleasure rather than feeling like this is homework too!


Please make sure you have a coat in every day - the weather can be very changeable! Please keep some trainers in school every day if possible, as we shall try to return to doing the 'Daily Mile'. PE is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Have a look below at some of the things we have been getting up to!

Class 4 Snow Day Learning!

Good morning Class 4.
What an exciting view you may have through the windows!
I am currently in school with those children who had no option but to come in;
but will try to set you on the right path for our work today.  
This page will be updated as the day goes on – so do check back after you complete each piece.

I’ll start with the easiest for you to follow – the Maths.
Please download the sheets and have a go at the answers; or copy the information from the screen and answer the questions on paper if you don’t have a printer. It should take about half an hour. I will add a challenge soon.

Now Science – Our local environment.

If you have a safe garden or outdoor area – ask you parents whether you are allowed to go out into it and look for evidence of creatures in your immediate area. The ice and snow can be good ways to spot who and what live(s) in the same locations that we do. You MUST get permission first and remember to wrap up warmly. Do not spend too long outside looking and drawing. (Half an hour outside maximum due to the cold, but you can continue research inside after this.)  
Please draw or take pictures of any evidence you see. Eg tracks or habitats highlighted by the frost. Then try to research what may have made them if possible.
Here is one example from school…

RE / English Comprehension:
In RE we were thinking about Trinity.
We were exploring how and why God the Father sent Jesus the Son. We are now continuing with thinking further about The Holy Spirit. It is a difficult subject to understand at times; so we will discuss it further when we get back to school. However, for now…

Have a look through John 14 (on the attached sheet) and see whether you can write answers to these questions.…

  1. What else may the Holy Spirit be known as by Christians?
  2. Where might a Christian say that you could find the Holy Spirit?
  3. How is the Holy Spirit connected to God the Father and Jesus the Son?
  4. What might a Christian hope to gain from the Holy Spirit?
  5. Why do you think there is a tension between ‘the world’ and the Trinity according to what John reports?

Finally, when people struggle to understand how God can be The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit; some people try to illustrate a similar situation of there being one thing that can be seen in different ways. They think about the compound H2O – water (when it is liquid).

Right now, around and in your home, what different examples can you see of H2O? Try to draw it in three different forms. Then for your ‘candle reflection’, please explain what you feel about your understanding of Trinity. (This should take around 1 hour.) 

Art and Design – 4 Seasons
Please draw or paint the design we talked about in class last week showing the 4 seasons.
You may do it landscape or portrait.
It can be a scene from a different season in each quarter of the page; or it can be an object or creature that is typical of that season. There are a couple of examples in the file below – just in case you need inspiration. 


Finally, if you still have time, it would be good to tackle one of the updated list of homework activities. You can see the table below and more information in the attached file. 

We hope you have a good, productive and enjoyable day. :-) 

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