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Class 4's Lockdown Adventures

I know how much you are all missing each other in Class 4. Enjoy browsing through each other's Lockdown projects and find out what your friends have all been up to! 

Today's Learning

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Congratulations Class 4!

You’ve made it to the end of a fantastic year.


SPaG: Spelling Challenge


Look through the Year 3 & 4 Word List and choose some spellings to practice over the holidays. Choose one or more of the activities below.

  • Make a memory poster for the holidays.
  • How quickly can you find each word in a dictionary
  • Write a funny sentence using each word
  • Create a word search/crossword
  • Use the word art computer programme we used yesterday to get creative with your chosen words!



Task 1: I thought it would be really lovely to spend some time looking back over all your achievements from this year on the class Website. Read through the poetry and stories and admire the artwork and DT creations.

Task 2: Spend some time with a good book and then email a friend telling them all about it and how you would recommend they read it over the summer.  


Maths:  Introducing the ‘Maths Summer Challenge’

During the summer holidays, I would like you to take part in the Maths Summer Challenge. It will help keep your brain ticking over and prepare you for moving into Class 5.

Follow the link below and have a go at an activity today. You may like to explore some from the Year 3 challenges or challenge yourself by carrying out a task from the Class 5 folder. Good luck!


Like the Summer Reading Challenge – can you solve at least one a week through summer to get your certificate? 



Task 1:

I would like you to write a final entry in your diary. How do you feel about the end of term? Happy? Sad? Excited? Nervous? What have you enjoyed? What are you looking forward to over the next 6 weeks?


Task 2:

Send an email to a friend’s wishing them a happy holiday and sharing your favourite memory from this year.

And now, the part of the day that you have all been waiting for …

Welcome to the Class 4 Award Ceremony


Please find your certificates in our Class 4 area. Follow the link below:


So all that’s left to say, is a huge well done for all you have achieved this year, and have a wonderful summer break.

See you all in September.


Love Mrs Robinson




Monday 20th July 2020

Good morning Class 4. I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a well-deserved summer break. Two days left …


SPaG & Writing

You are going to create something for you to keep as a memento from this year, but also to send to Mr Qureshi. You will need to think of words that describe everything linked to you for example: Your appearance, likes, dislikes, hobbies, friends, worries and hopes and dreams.


 Here is my WordArt all about Class 4.



Task: Use the prompts below to create yours.


Try to include as many expanded noun phrases as possible.

When you have finished, DO NOT SIGN UP TO THE WEBSITE! Either ‘print screen’ and copy it into a word document or take a photo that you can then crop.

Here are some prompts.

Description of what I look like:

My Hobbies:

My best Friends:

My favourite subjects:

Things I find tricky and often need support with:

What I am worried about moving into Class 5:

What I am looking forward to in Class 5:



Maths: Revision

I would like you to think back over all the maths we have covered this year and choose one area that you found tricky. Use the BBC bitesize website to explore this in greater detail. Just put in a key word for example: ‘division. You can choose to watch a short video and then play the games or take a quiz.



Our school values

As we reach the last but one day of term, think about our school values and the strength that they have given us while we have all been in lockdown.

Can you think of each in turn and how they have helped you while you have been at home or in one of our groups at school?

Faith, love, perseverance, courage, honesty, respect, forgiveness, compassion.

All of these values have helped to sustain us.

Can you write a prayer that celebrates our school values?



Computing: By now you should be Scratch wizards! This week I would like you to choose your own tutorial to work through, thinking about what you would like to learn or perhaps go over something you have struggled with. We have covered all of the basics this term so challenge yourself to make something amazing. Good luck. The tutorials can be found




Holi A Celebration 



Key Question:

What is Holi and what does it mean for Hindu people? How do Hindu people celebrate Holi and why?


Children often say that Holi is the most exciting Hindu festival because you get to throw paint at people. It’s a celebration for Spring and celebrates new life. There is an important religious message too. It’s about the victory of goodness over evil.


Hindus remember the story of Prince Prahlad. His father, the king, wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him (a mere human, and a big headed one!) Prahlad refused and worshiped the God Vishnu instead. The King’s sister Holika decided to destroy Prahlad for this. She tricked him into sitting with her on a bonfire. She had a magical fireproof sari so she thought she was safe. But when the flames leaped up, her sari flew from her to protected Prahlad instead. He came through the fire unharmed.

So the festival is celebrated with big bonfires. The flames are believed to purify the air of anything evil. Fire is like a visible image of the power of the gods and goddesses. People throw offerings onto the bonfires such as popcorn, coconut and chick peas, showing thanks for the Spring and the growth of crops.


Hindus teach that everything that grows comes from God, so being thankful for food is important. Holi is also known as the Festival of Colour.


You may like to watch this video as a recap. I know you are far too old for cbeebies but the clips are very easy to understand and I know how tired you all are!


Task: Choose one (or more) of the activities below:

Make a grid in your book and make comparisons between the festival of Holi and a chosen Christian tradition.


Can you design a poster to advertise the Hindu festival Holi and then a poster advertising a Christian festival


Create a Rangoli pattern full of bright colours for the festival of Holi


Create a menu of Indian food that could be served at either Diwali or Holi


Design a piece of artwork/poem or write the story behind Holi.


Create your own way of sharing all you have found out about the Hindu festival Holi



Make sure you tune in for the ‘Class 4 Award Ceremony’ tomorrow


Have a great day


Mrs Robinson & Mrs Billing








The Class 4 Awards

I thought it would be fun to have a Class 4 Award Ceremony next week, so I need you to nominate your Class mates for the following awards. Think carefully about your choices. You can email your decision back to me by Sunday morning please. Nomination Sheet attached below.

Meet the Team

Welcome to Class 4. We hope you will find our class page both interesting and useful. 


Class Teachers:  

Mrs Robinson will be teaching on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and Mrs Billing will be teaching on a Monday.


Teaching Assistants:  

Mrs Holdak and Mrs Burton.


PPA will be led by Mrs Bates on a Wednesday afternoon.




We have PE on a Wednesday and Friday. This term we are lucky enough to have outside coaches leading our football and tennis lessons. Please make sure your child has their PE kits in school and that their trainers fit them.



Homework will go out on a Friday and is expected to be returned to school by Wednesday. The children will choose an activity from the homework grid (linked to our current learning), a page from the Scofield and Simms Year 4 mental maths booklet, daily reading, Times Tables Rock Stars and spellings practice.



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