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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Class 3 Fabulous Photo Gallery!

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Week Commencing 29.06.20


Class 3 have certainly not failed to deliver, yet again... with another couple of weeks of fabulous learning. Super scientists, well-being warriors, humble historians, you name it... we've been them all! smiley

Class 3's Presentation 'Hall of Fame'... is now open!


Roll up, roll up... Please send your best presented, Class 4 pen license worthy, pieces of work this way! Come and admire these beautifully presented pieces that have already made the cut.  Some of the writing has changed quite substantially... Can you guess whose they are? enlightened

The Proof-Reading Hall of Fame!


I have been so impressed with your incredibly descriptive settings this week, which have been oozing with phenomenally powerful vocabulary. Not only that, but I have also been absolutely... 'Wowed'... by your self-editing skills and the improvements to your work, which are really coming along!  smiley 

Let's see how many more exceptional pieces of work we can get in this Proof-Reading Hall of Fame?

Class 3 Loves Outdoor Adventures!


My, my we most definitely enjoy venturing outside in Class 3.  Just look at some of the exciting and challenging pursuits we have been up to outdoors. These range from conquering our fears to carrying out some activities for the very first time.  I wonder how many of our Christian values we showed? heart

Class 3's Artistic Gallery of... Changing Faces!


We have most certainly mastered Cubism and I think none other than Picasso himself would be quite astounded by these fabulous pieces of art.  Well done Class 3!  Once again some true masterpieces have been created and you should be very proud of yourselves for staying true to his style.

Class 3 Celebrate VE Day!


What a superb long weekend Class 3 have evidently been enjoying... joining in with all the celebrations and festivities!  How brilliant to have taken part in such a momentous day in history, as we donned our Victory Curls, dusted off our dancing shoes, put our culinary skills to the test and made bunting and air-craft galore.  Joining together with the nation and celebrating this 75th Anniversary of peace. heart

A Big Thank You from Class 3!


Class 3 would also like to shout out and say a huge thank you to all those who are doing such a terrific job in helping us through such uncertain times! smiley

Class 3 Poets' Corner!

We have been quite the poets this term, so why not take a look at our own ensemble of poetry, which has taken on many different forms, but each as spectacular as the next.   Well done Class 3, for sharing such super poems and recitals! smiley

Storm Poem

Still image for this video

Amazing Pop-Art!

Take a look at these amazing masterpieces.  Can you guess the artist? enlightened

Week Commencing 01.06.20


What another incredible week of learning! smiley

We have been everything from budding scientists to great historians. 

Week Commencing 18.05.20


What another couple of fabulous weeks of home learning we have had!  We really have showed so many different skills... from brilliant bakers to amazing artists... wonderful writers to super scientists.  These pictures say it all. 

Well done Class 3! smiley 

We are able to draft work!
We can make edits and improve!
We are even able to add our own neat diagrams!
We are able to annotate and identify key features!
We have great map reading skills!
We are super scientists who can explain shadows!
We are brilliant bakers!
We make marvellous Mathematicians!
We're really reflective!
We are amazing artists!
We can create captivating cubist art pieces!
We love sharing hope and joy! =o)

Week Commencing 27.04.20


What another incredible week of home learning and extra curricular activities!  I can see we are turning into quite the talented bakers too and still continuing to go on outdoor adventures (which I will be sharing, soon).  Keep up all the hard work and all these incredible photos coming in, it's great to see so much fabulous learning going on. smiley

Artists at work!
Picasso Pictures...
An artistic Pablo Picasso character profile!
Taking on challenges!
Budding Mathematicians at work!
Scientists reminding us to stay safe in the sun!
Independent baking... How delicious!
Some more baking of rainbow coloured cakes... Yum!

Week Commencing 20.04.20


Another fabulous week of learning at home... Our week in pictures! 

Can you guess which subject each of our pictures can be linked to? enlightened

Week Commencing 13.04.20


What a fabulous start to the new term we have had this week, as it is brimming with... Super scientists, marvelous mathematicians, amazing artists, passionate PE enthusiasts and watch this space to shortly see some proud poets!  

A budding Mathematician at work!
Some inquisitively Mathematical investigations!
More Mathematical Mastery!
A super Scientist about to delve into a dark cave!
Another Scientist venturing into depths of a cave!
A crafty Easter creation created by siblings!
Some superbly positive signs sent out by siblings!
Some youthful Yogis in action!

Week Commencing 30.04.20


We have had another week (or rather couple of days) of fabulous Home Learning! Thank you for all the continuous correspondence and updates.

A very scientific exploration of how light travels
More sibling, Easter garden making fun...
Producing an inspiring end product!
Some fantastic cross shaped...
... acrostic, hot cross bun shaped...
... & egg shaped Easter poems!
Finally, someone would like to wish you all a...

Week Commencing 23.03.20

An amazing colour wheel produced in Science!
More colour wheels in action!
An outdoor Easter creation!
Busy working away independently!
A fabulous French poster!
Some wonderful character profiles!
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