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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.

Class 1

Please do have a look at our curriculum map for terms 5 and 6. This will give you an overview of the work that your child will be studying in the final two terms of year 1. 

Below are a selection of pictures of our work. We all enjoyed the shape topic in Maths and were able to create many different kinds of patterns using 2D shapes. We also had fun creating pictures out of different arrangements of shapes. 

Thank you to the parents for the lovely toys that they gave to the class. The outdoor building bricks are particularly popular. We have a new paved area in front of the chalkboard so that we are all able to stay out of the mud while we draw! Thank you.

Many children took part in the snowy afternoon activities and our sledging team is improving in speed and distance travelled every day!! Watch out if you are anywhere near our snowball team though!


Welcome to Incredible Class 1!


Mrs McLean teaches Class 1 on Monday to Wednesday

Mr Langston teaches Class 1 on Thursday and Friday


Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday

Forest school is on alternate Mondays


Please remember to bring in wellies for  use in forest school when the weather becomes wetter and also so that we can continue to use the school field for playtime and lunchtime.


The classroom looks very different this year but we are all ready for some incredible learning:



Here is our homework grid for term 1. From next week the children will also receive a piece of Maths homework to complement the Maths that they have been studying in class. Any questions please get in touch with Mrs McLean.

Find out about the bones in your body

Can you find out how many bones there are in your body? Could you draw / make a skeleton?

Can you make a model of a bird or animal that you really like?

Your model can be made from any types of materials

Test how well your body works:

Count how many you can do in 1 minute:


how far you can run

throws and catches


Ask your parent or carer to help you to make a word-search using your tricky words

(This could show the Christian value of perseverance to help make and finish the word-search)

Find a poem that you enjoy and copy it out  - why not decorate it and then bring it into class to add to our poetry collection?

(Does your poem highlight any particular values of qualities?)

Could you write your own poem about something that interests you?

Decorate your poem and bring it into school to share

Find out about a fish or bird that you like. Draw a picture and write some sentences about the creature you have chosen.


Find out some interesting facts about one of the countries of the UK

You could look at food, things the people do for fun, famous places in that country

Make a model of you!

It could be out of Lego, plasticine, clay – whatever you like!

Our classroom



We have thought about the gifts that God gives at harvest time. We have looked at the wide variety of foods that we enjoy eating and also thought about those people around the world who do not have enough food. We have created a basket of foods that we enjoy eating to remind us how lucky we are.

We read a prayer about the gifts that God gave when the world was created and added some actions.


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