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Celebrations & School Trips

Celebrations & Trips!

Mental Health Week

In celebration of all things Mental Health and the establishing of positive connections, Class 3 begun the week by carrying out some team building activities and reflecting on the different ways in which we are connected and supported by one another.  We also read In a Jar by Deborah Marcero, discussed how normal it is to feel different emotions and what to do when we encounter those more negative.  We then went on to making our own making happiness jars, first by collecting objects and items around the school and then depicting these too!

Horton Kirby - Rocks Day

This term, Class 3 were lucky enough to escape off an adventure to Horton Kirby Environmental Centre where they embarked on an exciting rocks and fossils themed day.  They most definitely stepped up to the mark as they took on the rather challenging role of becoming real-life paleontologists.  Not only did they learn some truly fascinating facts about the rocks, fossils, volcanos and the formation of mountains, to say the least.  What's more they spent the whole day carrying out practical investigations that fizzed, popped and created quite the bang - most certainly not for the faint-hearted.  They also got the opportunity to create their very own fossils, all in the name of Science.

In Memory of Her Majesty

Class 3, took some time to reflect and pay tribute to, and celebrate the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II. We began by learning a little bit about her achievements and what an incredibly colourful life she led - through her dedication and loyalty to our country.  We then went on to think about in what ways we showed our respect and devotion to her in turn, all the places the Queen may have been present in our lives despite us even having realised - money and stamps were two places, to name but a few.   


So, we decided to show our thanks and gratitude by designing our very own commemorative stamps, along with some accompanying reflections and prayers.  All the while listening to some Scottish bagpipers in the background and watching her Majesty showing her good sense of humour and love of marmalade sandwiches when she was visited by Paddington Bear earlier this year.

Maths Week!

In celebration of all things mathematical we began the academic year with a riveting Maths Week organised by Mr Qureshi.  Maths not only formed part of our learning throughout the course of this week as we embarked on challenges and puzzles set, but we also learnt about its importance and significance in the wider world.  We concluded our week by showcasing our learning and inviting all to come and see!

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