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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Bombs & Blackberries

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Bombs & Blackberries by Julia Donaldson 



What do we know about Joe from reading scene 1?

Draw a picture/print this picture of Joe and label with adjectives, expanded noun phrases, and his emotions to use in your writing

Challenge: use other more adventurous words you have collected from your evacuation reading earlier in the week.

Task 2: Write a short diary entry pretending to be Joe based on what you have read in scene 1. 

Look in your writer’s toolkit books to remind yourselves of the features found in a diary entry.

You will add another entry to his diary next week.



Diary entry

Worried and frightened I spotted my mum crying I thought she wanted us to go. Why did I leave? I knew this was a bad idea I thought everyone was distinguished that we left well almost everyone. We started singing our first song goodbye Manchester. I wasn’t as pleased as everyone else to leave especially not knowing why my mum was upset. I badly wanted to stand but Miss Oldham told me not to and I would feel like a fool doing it. So I sat down it was dreadful holding in my feelings but it was the right thing to do. I was so confident that Clippers would be in the war until Bryan broke my heart explains horses couldn’t be in the war.


From Holly


Autumn 1939

Dear Diary,

Today Elsie, Jack and myself along with some other children set off on a train to the country for an amazing holiday.

We have to bring our gas mask in a box along with a label on our coats.  I’m so excited to be going away, and so is Clopper,  he’s going to be a war house and keep the Germans away.


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