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Art & D.T.

Art & Design Technology

WWII - Anderson Shelters

As the end of this term draws to an end, so does Class 4's learning about the gripping and dramatic World War II topic.  Under the watchful eye and careful guidance of Mrs Holdak, they have certainly lived up to expectations once again by concluding their learning as explosively as it begun, with the production of some amazing and each as individually unique Anderson Shelters.  Design skills were most certainly put to the test as these sturdy structures were made all the while consolidating our learning about what life was like in Britain during these more woeful and trying times. 

Artist Study: Antony Gormley & Sculpting

This term, we will be carrying out an artist study of the sculptor Anthony Gormley and conclude by sculpting our own inspired figures, linked to the Jubilee.  So watch this space!  

Finally, came our Jubilee inspired sculptures.

Can you guess who they depict?

Egyptian Themed Art

Seeing as last term we had explored and experimented, creating different types of tints, and this term we are learning about the ancient Egyptians... We decided to amalgamate the two and create some stunning silhouette paintings!  We took a lot of time and care creating different shades and blending, then after carefully cutting and sticking our silhouettes, voilà our masterpieces were ready!

Can you work out which famous Egyptian scenes or objects these are depicting?

Christmas Pop-Up Cards!

Towards the end of term, we turned our hands to making moving and pop up cards.  We began by researching some of the various different mechanisms which would allow movement to take place and then put our own festive spin on this.  Merry Christmas everyone! heart

Artist Study: Paul Klee & Watercolours

This term, we will be turning our hands to watercolour painting as we learn about the Swiss-born German artist Paul Klee.  Not only will we learn about this fascinating artist and the many techniques he used, but we shall also conclude by creating our very own inspired pieces.  We will mainly focus our work around the exploration of a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space in the context of making a painting from tints.  We will also try replicating our very own line drawings in his style and amalgamating the two very distinctive techniques.

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