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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Art and Design

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

We have had a busy year so far.

Terms 1 and 2: We were looking at the work of different sculptors and began by looking at Barbara Hepworth's Family sculpture. We studied how she used abstract shape to create the idea of human forms and had a chance to make our own Hepworth sculptures. 

We also looked at the work of Antony Gormley and in particular considered the different kinds of materials he used as well as the way that he showed the movement and shape of the human body. We drew lots of pictures of our friends moving and making shapes. We finally made body shapes from wire and covered these with plaster of paris.

Our work on the human body was not over! We took a careful look at faces and the way that our features are organised. We drew individual features - we disoveredeyes are really hard ! Finally we took close-up photographs of our faces, cut them in half and drew the other half. They looked very good when we had finished.

Terms 3 and 4: We began the year by looking at mosaics. We coloured mosaic patterns so we could understand how the pieces looked and then worked in groups of four to create a four seasons circular mosaic just like the floor at Lullingstone Roman Villa. Finally we added a border pattern. Our class mosaic looks very impressive on the classroom wall.

We tried out lots of Roman arts and crafts on our Roman day, using clay paper and foil and some very smelly shoe polish, as well as cooking.

We are now started on our DT project for this term which is to design, make and evaluate a moving puppet. The puppet will need to be jointed and we will be exploring the different ways in which we can join materials together.

During Healthy Eating week we are also going to carry out food technology while we explore some healthy eating options.

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