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Surprise! - Tiger in a Tropical Rainstorm

Class 5 have been very busy; they have continued their hard work on assessments this week, but have also been pleased to balance this with some creative, artistic work. 

The children have been studying a particular picture by Henri Rousseau called ‘Surprise! – Tiger in a Tropical Storm’; and discussing the content, as well as how, and why it may have been made. In fact, many critics at the time did not like his painting and Rousseau needed perseverance and courage to continue. 


Each child decided which aspect they would like to focus on and used their sketch book to make notes and explore what comes to mind when they look at the work. It was lovely to stage a ‘walking gallery’ - where the children walk around the class and chat to each other about what they have found out and what they were working on while looking at the artwork on the tables. It’s also good to hear positive feedback from others.


Here are a few images showing their studies so far but the artwork is continuing…

C5 visit D9!

On Wednesday, the Class visited the ‘Dibgate 9’ Artists to see some of their artwork.
You can visit too if you would like. Dibgate farm is only a mile or so away from Chevening and the studio is open until 19th June. The address is Dibgate Farm, Chevening Road, Sundridge TN14 6AB.

Not only did the children get a chance to hear about techniques related to jewellery-making, printing and sculpture; they also got a chance to get involved and take part with the construction of pieces of art.
Here are some photographs of the process and some pieces in development...

Many thanks to the Dibgate artists who led the workshops and guided the children so wonderfully. They gave us some lovely feedback and have already kindly invited us to attend again next year! Well done Class 5 and thank you Dibgate artists. Please do visit if you get a chance before 19th June.

Many thanks also to the parents who helped with the transport arrangements and supervision. It was a great experience and a lovely afternoon.

Please talk to Class 5 if you would like to find out more about the techniques explored. The children will be happy to tell you what they learnt and hopefully will inspire you to have a go yourself!

Christmas Nativity

We hope you enjoy looking at our Christmas scenes constructed from the mixed media of watercolours and black cut and torn card to create silhouettes. 

Stormy Seas

The children have made some excellent pictures depicting stormy seas to go with our reading book about the travels of Odysseus. There are lots of different techniques and media used here. Each has a different quality. Can you spot how each was made? Which method do you enjoy using the most yourself? 

We have had 1 5 1 3 4 9 visitors