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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.


Andy Warhol's Blotted Line Technique

Class 3 have been learning about Andy Warhol. They used tracing paper and ink to create shoe outlines. It was very mucky! 

Mrs Topping from 'A Touch of Clay' came to visit. She taught us how to make a Roman style clay pot. We began by making two coil bowls and then joined these together. Once we had added the lip and the handle they looked fantastic!

Roman Mosaics

In Art this term we are learning about Roman mosaics. We have researched and compared different mosaics. We have talked about the pictures that have been created and the different patterns. We then set about making our own winter moon mosaic and realised how tricky it is to line the tiles up without leaving too big or small a gap. 

For our Art this term we have been learning about Stone Age cave painting. We started by looking at real examples from the Caves of Lascaux in France. We then experimented with making our own paints and painting tools, using natural materials like the people of the Stone Age would have done. We went for a walk around the field to collect materials, including picking blackberries (we only picked those berries as these were the only ones we could safely identify). After that, we had a go at trying out our "paints" and tools in our books. Next we will plan out our own piece of cave painting art based on something we want to tell people about our lives today. We will finish by painting it using the techniques we have explored. 

We have had 1 4 8 9 9 4 visitors