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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Answers and Feedback

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

This is where we will try to help you to find out how well you have done and what we need to modify or improve.

You can see some of Y5's lovely work in the slideshow below.
Under that are the answers to the most recent daily maths work.
At the bottom are the answers to the weekly set maths homework.

You can listen to Tristan's Isle of Tune composition here. What do you think about it?


If you have been finding the maths difficult then these videos may help you with equivalent fractions...




If you would like to find out about Jackie Pullinger, you can look at James' research below.


Here's Max's alternative cover for the Cosmic Book:




Spelling - Here you can have a look at Ellie's example below. She has a great way to remember how to spell 'rhythm'. 

Picture 1
Below you can click on Jemima's thoughts about what sacrifice means in RE. 

Can you have a go at Matthew's maths challenge..?

Luke had 1 2/6 of a pizza
Lucy had 8/6 of a pizza

Luke said "I have more as I have a whole"
Lucy said "I have more as I have a higher numerator"
Explain why they are both wrong
Also I have a question? I are our blue books our sketch books?

Maths Answers:


Science - If you would like some help in thinking about the problems astronauts face in space, then please have a look at Ana or Abbie's example below.


Here are the answers from the Black and White Work Book and the Colour Text Book:

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