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Act of Worship Plans from Rochester

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Prayers of Thanks from the Chevening Grace Book:



I am thankful for...

18th summer, the season for warmth and enjoyment, when we are feel freedom the most.

19th – Jesus, Jesus, miracle maker, shining light, making wonderful peace last.

20th – wonder, what we don't know, the mysteries waiting to be solved.

21st – mist, clouds of mist, wandering around the forest at twilight.

22nd – spring, when plants grow into beautiful plants and the sun appears after the long winter.

23rd – equality, and that nobody is worth more than another.

24th – fire, blazing in the grate, leaping and pouncing up, engulfing the crumpled newspapers.





You may like to sing along or just listen to one of our favourite hymns as requested by some children in Key Stage 2. 

Email Mrs Robinson if you have a favourite that you would like added. 

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