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Day 1 5.1.21

Tuesday 5th January 2021 


Morning Movement

Choose from Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga (youtube) or do some exercises in the garden! 



Recap Phase 2/3 sounds using flashcards or write the individual sounds on small pieces of paper. Show your child a sound and encourage them to say it aloud. If you’re not sure how to pronounce the sounds please see these links:

(In Phase 3, we have only learnt the following: j, v, w, x, y, z, qu)


Pick up Pairs game: Write the following Phase 2/Phase 3 tricky words on small pieces of paper to create pairs (I, go, to, the, no, into, he, she, we, me). Ask your child to throw the pile of cards up into the air and let them land. Start a timer and time how long it takes for them to find all the pairs. Can they beat their time? Can you find all the pairs in 2 minutes? 1 minute?



Ask your child: What did you do over the Christmas holidays? Who did you spend it with? What was your favourite part? Miss Levy would like to hear about what you got up to. 


Draw a picture of your favourite moment and try to write some words/a simple sentence to match e.g. I got a red hat. Try to encourage your child to write phonetically using their sounds to help them. 



Watch ‘Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed’ interactive video and sing along (or adult to read words from lyric sheet): Children to start with 5 fingers in air and each time take one finger away and count the remaining. How many monkeys are left? 


Write numbers 0-5 on individual pieces of paper or use actual numerals and place into a bowl/bag. Adult to pull out a numeral and ask child to complete an action (claps, jumps, hops, star jumps). For example, if you pull out a 2, you could say “do 2 jumps”. Repeat with other numbers. 


Next return all the numbers to the bag. This time, child to pull out a number and say that number aloud then go and find that amount of objects. For example, if they pull out a 4, they could find 4 apples and place in a line. Encourage them to count out loud. Can they challenge themselves to write a number 4 to match the amount? Use the number formation sheet to help and encourage your child to say the rhyme aloud. 


If your child is comfortable with 0-5, you could then extend to 10. 


Funky Finger

Choose one activity from the fine motor sheet to complete (see Fine Motor tab on Class R Remote learning area). 

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