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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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3 Stars and a Wish Exemplars

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
Arguments that make use of persuasion -
With 'stars and wishes' as well as checklists: 

Pilgrims Discussion:


Windrush Arguments:
Persuasive Arguments:

I have asked the children to explain to parents one of the systems we use for giving feedback about work. Hopefully this will help children and parents to be able to consider how well things are going. The idea is for children to be able to do this independently (so that the burden doesn’t fall on parents but they can support the children with it - if they are able and wish).

‘3 stars and a wish’:

The children look at the learning intention.
Then, with that as the focus, they find 3 things in their work that have met the learning well (however big or small). Each ‘star’ is written down. Finally, they look for 1 thing that may not have gone to plan, or has been missed out; which would make the learning more effective for next time.  


Well done Lily!

3 Stars... 

1) What an excellent idea to use an easy to see key
2) Great to show how to stop the fire in green as well as think of what types of fire they are.  
3) Good to show that water should not be used on an oil or electrical fire. (Do you know why?)

Well done Lily.

1 Wish...

I think the forest fire label could also go with another side of the triangle too.
If you think about the time of the year they normally happen - that may give you a clue. 



Well done on your camping sheet Annabel.

1) Love how you have used the stick across the fire to hang the other utensils so that they stay clean but don't get too hot near the fire.

2) Good to see that you have a bucket (of water I hope) ready by the side of the fire. 

3) Good to keep spirits up with the humour ('Where does this piece go?' and the 'Spam, spam, spam...') 

Love it!

1) Wish - You did a great job setting up the tent and getting all your equipment, including camouflage clothing. Perhaps you could have a go at making a shelter sometime with only a sheet and a rope. Just in case you get caught without a purpose built tent sometime?

Well done.

Well done Nolwenn!

3 Stars... 

1) What an eye-catching poster that will encourage people to read it.
2) Great to use technical terms as well as simple symptoms, so people are aware of what to look for if they think they may be ill but also report the problem accurately to a doctor.    
3) Good use of photographs so that people can identify the berries easily. 

Well done Nolwenn.

1) Wish...

I wonder whether it would be possible to say where you might come across each type or perhaps rank them in order of severity / danger? 


Well Done Yvaine!

3 Stars... 

1) Good use of sticks as pegs to hold the canvas in place.
2) Good use of camouflage to hide the shelter from prey and predators! 
3) Good use of colour on your face to camouflage it.

Well done Yvaine.

1) Wish...

What professional soldiers and trackers are trained to do is to break up the look of features of the face so that they are less recognisable as a face. For example a streak going from the forehead, across the nose and down one cheek - so that you are making it less obvious where the nose, check and forehead actually are.
You have done a really good job but I wonder whether things like the symmetry of the patterns on your cheeks might give you away.

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