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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Pupil Premium This Year

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’


Pupil Premium Information Sept 2018



The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools for children of statutory school age from low-income families who are known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM), to children who have been on the looked after register continuously for more than six months and to children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces.


From 2013 this also included pupils eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years (known as the Ever 6 FSM measure).


Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit. However they are held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support pupils from low-income families. Since September 2012 schools have been required to publish information online about how they had used the Premium. This ensures that parents and others are made fully aware of the attainment of pupils covered by the Premium and the extra support that they receive.


Pupil Premium Plan 2017- 2018


Number of Pupil Premium Children: 11


For 2017-18 we received a total of £15,815. The total expenditure targeted for PPG children was £18,622. The expenditure focused on small group and individual tuition, as well as targeted learning resources which will support specific children. 


The main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at Chevening St. Botolph’s are very difficult to quantify because each child’s situation is unique. However, we are aware that an unusually high proportion of our Pupil Premium children also have Special Educational Needs and this means we need to consider the strategies we use carefully. We also need to be aware that this comorbidity tends to skew our data. 


We measure the impact of the strategy through governor monitoring, pupil progress meetings and analysis of pupil achievement and progress. This strategy is reviewed annually, each Autumn, in the Governors' Strategy Committee. Progress is monitored by the Strategy Committee during the termly meetings.


Our overriding aim is to level the playing field and minimize disadvantage and we do this through individual assessment of circumstances.


Target for July 2018: For every Pupil Premium Child, who does not have additional special educational needs, to be working at age-expected level or above and all Pupil Premium Children, including those with SEN to have made at least good progress.


2017-18 Pupil Premium Grant Plan

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