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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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London's Burning, London's Burning

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

The Great Fire of London


This was a topic of two halves. A step back in time and London today.


We began by stepping back in time to September the 2nd 1666. We found ourselves wandering past a bakers shop owned by Thomas Farynor in Pudding Lane. The children then relived that fateful fire that swept across London. They wrote diary entries through the eyes of the frightened Londoners living at the time of the fire.


They then became detectives and tried to find out how it all happened. The children collected eye witness accounts, explored paintings, read letters and diary entries from Samuel Pepys and put together all the evidence in the form of a newspaper report.


Class 2 went on a fascinating trip to The museum of London and found out more about the Great Fire. They were able to view the real equipment and other artefacts used at the time. The children then explored St Pauls Cathedral in all it's glory. 


The second part of this topic focused on our capital city today. The children became familiar with the famous landmarks found in London and located them on a map. They designed information leaflets, wrote postcards and were set some exciting writing tasks by the queen in which they had to design a new landmark for 2017.


We finished by reading 'Katie in London'. A magical story set in London in which Katie takes a ride on a lion to visit some of the famous landmarks. The children then wrote their one adventure stories set in London.





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